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Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass is for lawyers, regulators, policy makers, and others who need a comprehensive introduction to blockchain & cryptocurrency law and regulations. To register, please click here to complete and submit registration form and make payment.


Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass: For Lawyers, Compliance Officers, Regulators, Policy Makers, and Others  

As a lawyer or a future lawyer, have you ever imagined a future where various businesses across different sectors—from AgriTech to EduTech, FinTech to HealthTech, manufacturing to supply chain—are powered by blockchain technology and you are the attorney, in-house counsel, or compliance officer but you do not have a good or sound knowledge of blockchain technology and its intersection with law? This is a direct threat to you and a consequential threat to the clients you are supposed to advise and protect against legal and regulatory risks.

Similarly, if you are a regulator in any sector—especially in the financial services sector—and you don’t understand the opportunities and risks associated with the use and adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors and its various concepts and dynamics, knowledgeably and intelligently regulating the space in the face of disruptive innovations will become increasingly difficult. Extremely difficult. And there will be problems in your regulatory environment. This is a direct threat to you and a consequential threat to every player in the sector you are supposed to regulate.

And if you are a policy maker or policy adviser; lawmaker or legislative drafter; mediator, arbitrator, or judge; or even a law-enforcement agent or officer and you do not understand what blockchain technology is, how it works, its various applications, and the number of legal, policy, and regulatory issues that it brings up, you will most likely end up causing more problems in society than solving them. This is a direct threat to you and a consequential threat to the society you are supposed to cater to.

To check those direct and indirect threats to your career and role, the right approach is not to dismiss the new risks and opportunities that blockchain technology has brought to our doorsteps. Instead, the answer is to learn more about blockchain technology and how it affects you and your clients; you and your regulated players, or you and your society.


This is where Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass comes in.

A comprehensive course in blockchain & cryptocurrency law and regulations, Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass is a 2-day training course that will cater to lawyers and nonlawyers alike.

Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass is the first of its kind in Africa, after successful outings in Lagos and Abuja in 2019. The course has been specially put together to meet the needs of persons who need a solid understanding of:

  • what the blockchain is;
  • the various aspects of blockchain, from tokenization and virtual assets to smart contract;
  • legal, regulatory, and compliance issues in relation to blockchain application
  • cryptocurrency regulations and comparative regulatory approach to blockchain in major jurisdictions; and
  • how lawyers can reposition themselves as a professionals equipped with the knowledge required to provide legal-advisory services to governments and blockchain-based businesses and organizations.


What Participants Will Learn

  • Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass will focus on introduction to blockchain technology, taking a close look at its features, types, relationship with bitcoin, and the blockchain ecosystem today. It will also look at cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, and digital currencies, distinguishing one from the other.
  • Participants will learn tokenization and the classification of tokens. They will also be introduced to crowdsales such as Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial Token Offering (ITO), Securities Token Offering (STO), etc. You will have a deep understanding of virtual assets, their structure, risks, and best practices.
  • Other aspects of the course covers cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain & cryptocurrency regulation and consumer protection through KYC, AML, and CFT policies towards curbing financial risks, ensuring consumer protection, and boosting national security.
  • It will look at blockchain & cryptocurrency regulation across major jurisdictions, including the United States, China, Switzerland, and several others, including Kenya.
  • For lawyers in the house, the course will look at blockchain application in the legal industry, from the chain of custody to dispute resolution, land registries and property deeds to intellectual property, and many more.
  • Smart contracts and the law will also be discussed—considering what they are, types, benefits, applications, limitations, and whether they are legally enforceable. It will also consider whether smart contracts will make lawyers irrelevant.
  • Finally, the course will show how lawyers could leverage blockchain for professional growth and opportunities. Both on Day One and Day Two of the program, there will be group tasks and interactions.

Click here to view course outline.



Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass, Nairobi, will be facilitated by Senator Ihenyen the Lead Partner at Infusion Lawyers, and Linus Kingdom, Blockchain Business Consultant and Founder at eblockbuzz. The course is organized under the African Blockchain Education Tour which left the train station in Lagos, July 2019. This Nairobi tour is powered by eblockbuzz in partnership with Infusion Lawyers, and the Kenyan media partner


Some Testimonials from Past Participants of the Course

Before the course was ‘reloaded’ and renamed Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass this year, it was a one-day course named Blockchain for Lawyers 101. Participants’ testimonials from the Lagos and Abuja programs last year have been simply awesome. Some of such testimonials are published below:


“I must confess that there are not so many other trainings/workshops that I’ve benefited more than at the Blockchain for Lawyers 101 event organized by eBlockbuzz and Infusion Lawyers. Even when I had to take a couple of minutes off, I couldn’t wait to return. There was vital information in every slide that no one could afford to miss. I recommend it to every lawyer, even if not interested in tech. You would learn tricks and skills that would help make a lawyer’s life even simpler and more productive. You would also learn new information on both old and new areas of the law that could impact your pocket and position your practice for the future. I will definitely attend Blockchain for Lawyers 2.0”- David Ashaolu, Velma, Abuja


“Blockchain for Lawyers 101 was very interesting and stimulating. The Course which was presented in parts was quite comprehensible and the presentation was very commendable too. I will definitely recommend the Course to lawyers who wish to stay relevant in the future. Gracias to Infusion Lawyers and all the sponsors who made it possible by bringing it to Abuja.”- Chiamaka Anagu, Senior Associate, Sporthouse LP, Abuja


“Blockchain for Lawyers 101 for was an eye opener …. It was quite informative and the presenter Senator Ihenyen knows his story and made the whole training exciting. For me, the takeaway is that blockchain is the future of both ledger transaction and record keeping in general. I can’t wait to attend future training on blockchain for lawyers.”- Adeboboye Adekunle, Bathopele Chambers, Abuja


“I’ll start by thanking the organisers for putting up a properly organized and timely event. The course outline was self-explanatory. It highlighted what to expect from the training, one the facilitators complied with. Also, the training was able to demystify the Blockchain topic. The examples, humour and interactive approach used by the facilitators made it so. I’m grateful for the insights I gained at Blockchain for Lawyers 101, and I’m looking forward to the advanced courses.”- C. Derek Nduka-Edede, Associate, Everlaw Associates, Abuja


“AMAZING interactive session with Senator Ihenyen …. Participants learned the basics of the technology, smart contracts, crowdfunding (crowdsales) and most especially tokenization. It is highly recommended to attend the upcoming sessions.”- Barrister Mbanda Epanty, Senior Associate, D. Moukouri & Partners Law Firm, Cameroon


“…. it was a pleasure to have been at Blockchain for Lawyers 101⁠—the facilitator and host, Senator Ihenyen, delivered a wonderful lecture on everything from tokenization and virtual assets to smart contracts and cryptocurrency regulations. Perhaps the juiciest part was getting to know about how lawyers can quickly reposition themselves and reap the rewards of being a front-runner in a growing, profitable, and increasingly advancing field.”- Ademola Adeyoju, Associate, Aelex, Lagos


“It was quite enlightening and well-researched.”- Olumide Osundolire, Partner, Banwo & Ighodalo, Lagos.



How to Register for Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass

Blockchain for Lawyers Masterclass, Kenya, is a must-attend.

Date: 3-4 March 2020

Time: 9am – 5pm daily

Venue: PrideInn Hotel, Westlands, Westlands Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Fee: $400 per delegate

Discounts: (5% group discount apply to a minimum of 4 delegates together. You may email to claim discount.)

To register, please click here to complete and submit registration form and make payment.

… the building blocks for a successful career in blockchain law

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