If you need a job opportunity that guarantees your monthly take-home, you are probably not looking at the right place. But if you need a career opportunity that motivates you to be the best that you can be in your area(s) of competitive advantage, Infusion Lawyers may be the place for you. 

At Infusion Lawyers, we are driven by our vision and mission to enrich lives through innovation in legal-services delivery. By continually innovating, we believe that our investments in providing legal solutions in today’s knowledge economy and digital age will be ever-rewarding for both our clients and our team.

Daily, our lawyers make the sacrifices that touch lives and businesses, helping our clients see their innovations through and build legacies that will last generations. To come with us on this journey, you must be self-motivated and live the acronym and slogan ‘IP AND IT FOR LIFE4‘. (See progress bars below for meaning of the acronym).

Application for Associate Position: We love to work with T-shaped lawyers. (See image below.) But we are not currently accepting applications at this time. We are not also able to accept NYSC associates for now. As soon as we have vacancies for new associates, we will be happy to update this page. 

Legal Interns

You wish to intern at Infusion Lawyers to broaden your legal knowledge and improve your legal skills towards becoming more competitive in today’s dynamic and challenging legal marketplace?

Becoming a legal intern at Infusion Lawyers is as good as joining our legal team because rather than limit you to the customary tasks for interns, we expose you to the same tasks that our lawyers handle daily. We also encourage you to innovate without limits. Because of the career-enhancing opportunities our internship program creates, our alumni interns stand out among their peers in the legal marketplace.


Applications for Virtual Internship Program

Currently closed. Please check again soon.

More than an acronym ...


Innovation 95%
Professionalism 85%
Attentiveness 90%
Nimbleness 85%
Dynamism 80%
Imagination 95%
Tech 85%
Flexibility 90%
Openness 75%
Result 80%
Legal 75%
Integrity 100%
Fun 75%
Empathy 85%
Creativity 90%
Service 90%
Value 80%
Vision 90%
Infusion Lawyers