Day 1: Do NOT share your password with anyone!

Day 1: Do NOT share your password with anyone! Cybersecurity with Malan Moses Faya, Infusion Lawyers

Welcome to Cybersecurity in 31 Days. I’m Malan Faya, your host for the next 31 days.

Whenever you share your password, you become vulnerable to cyber attacks. This may cause you to lose personal and sensitive information that may hurt you financially or even socially.

When it comes to staying safe on cyberspace, you must be wary of cyber criminals, hackers, and even viruses. Experts have identified humans as the weakest link in the security chain. Being the weakest Link, the choices you make may cause a security breach, whether maliciously or accidentally; consciously or unconsciously. Passwords are often the most common gateway.

This is why you should never share your passwords with anyone. Your security and privacy greatly depend on this. Even if you trust that person—whether your colleague, friend, family member, or even spouse, it doesn’t matter in cybersecurity. Trust won’t matter if that person’s device is infected with malware. Your private communications could even be intercepted. So keep trust out of it. Do NOT share.

Your password is personal. It’s your key to not only security but privacy as well. Without security and privacy, your safety is compromised, along with the safety of others who may be your loved ones or even business partners. These people may have also trusted you with certain confidential information. You may have stored such information in your email box or device. So always keep your password confidential and secure. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. Do NOT share your password with anyone!

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!

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