Legal Tailored™ Account for Individuals

  • Angel Investor Pro Plus™: If you are an angel investor and you wish to protect yourself from business and legal risks and threats while also maximizing opportunities, get Angel Investor Pro Plus™. With Angel Investor Pro Plus™, you have a subscription-based affordable, easy, flexible, and renewable legal protection at your fingertips. Click here.
  • App Developer Pro Plus: If you are an application or software developer, you want to be sure that you have got your best interest safeguarded otherwise you may be exposing yourself to avoidable business and legal risks. With App Developer Pro Plus, you get to leverage on our expertise and experience to ensure that you are getting into a safe contract, always. Click here to get App Developer Pro Plus™.
  • Brand Ambassador Pro Plus: If you are a brand ambassador in any industry and you wish to protect yourself from business and legal risks, click here to get our Brand Ambassador Pro Plus™. The hazards of your job requires that you are not reactive to risks management but proactive. Our subscription-based Brand Ambassador Pro Plus™ ensures this in a flexible manner without making holes in your pocket. Click here to get Brand Ambassador Pro Plus™.
  • Celebrity Advantage Plan: As a law firm with specialization in intellectual property (IP), we deeply understand the power of intangible assets particularly in relation to celebrities, whether in the entertainment, media, or sports industry. If you are a celebrity or superstar, Celebrity Advantage™ is a monthly plan that doesn’t only look out for your best interest in every contract you get into but also help you identify valuable assets that put you at an advantage, giving you a competitive edge among your peers. Click here to get Celebrity Advantage™.
  • Influencer Shield Plan: If you are a social media influencer and need to legally protect yourself from the business and legal risks often associated with influencer marketing in today’s digital space, click here to get our Influencer Shied Plan™.
  • Proactive Legal Pro Max (P2Max)™: If you are an individual, whether an entrepreneur or freelancer, and run a legitimate Internet-based business leveraging on any emerging and disruptive technologies that involves considerable business and legal risks that may result in civil or criminal liabilities, click here to signup for our subscription-based Proactive Legal Pro account with us. With Proactive Legal Pro, your business and legal risks will be professionally managed to minimize both business and legal risks. And when anything goes wrong, we will be sure to protect your best interest in conformity with law. Traders involved in digital assets, virtual assets, or cryptocurrency trading, for example, will benefit from Proactive Legal Pro.
  • Rapid Legal Rep Max (R2Max)™: If you are an individual, whether an entrepreneur or freelancer, and you require urgent or rapid legal representation in order to protect your best interest in a criminal matter involving any of the law-enforcement agencies in Nigeria, click here to signup for Rapid Legal Rep Max™. Rapid Legal Rep (R2) Max™ guarantees you strong legal representation before law enforcement agencies, courts, and other agents in the criminal justice system.

To signup for any of the Legal Tailored Account plans above, simply click here to complete and submit the sign-up form.


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