TechBiz Plus™ Account

  • 3-in-1 BizPro™: If you are a business, company, or agency of whatever size and you need a three-in-one legal solution that comprises of a professionally prepared and tailored terms of use or terms of service, privacy note or privacy policy, and a cookie policy for your website, click here to get our 3-in-1 BizPro™. Click here to signup for 3-in-1 BizPro™.
  • DPO 365™: If you are a business, company, or agency of whatever size and you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO), a mandatory requirement for businesses, companies, and organizations under the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (DPO), click here to get DPO 365™. With DPO 365™, we will oversee data-protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with regulations and serve as the point of contact between your agency, company, or organization and any supervisory authorities (SAs) that oversee activities related to data protection. Click here to signup for DPO 365™.
  • DigiLawPro™: If you are are a digital business or company and require a legal opinion that reviews your business model or product, identify any legal or regulatory risks, and recommend legal and extra-legal solutions tailored to your business goals and industry, click here to get DigiLawPro™. Click here to sign up for DigiLawPro™.

To signup for any of the TechBiz Plus Account plans above, simply click here to complete and submit the sign-up form.


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