Three Square Meal Startup Bundle

Affordable, flexible, and Innovative

As your partner in innovation, Infusion Lawyers grows with you, right by your side whenever you need us. By retaining our legal services, we offer you exclusive legal services and advice, including extra-legal insights that help your business succeed in the knowledge economy and digital age.


Introducing Three Square Meal Startup Bundle ….

As a pay-as-you-go option to our Legal Services Retainer Plans, we offer our tailored Three Square Meal Startup Bundle. This startup bundle is informed by our experiences with startups from idea stage to growth stage. 


Three Square Meal Startup bundle comes in three packs: Breakfast Pack, Lunch Pack, and Dinner Pack. With this bundle, startups have the choice of either signing up for the full bundle or one or two of the packs in the bundle. 



We have packaged this startup bundle in an ascending order, following the natural growth of a startup from idea stage to maturity. See the packs below:


Breakfast Pack

  • Legal Opinion on startup product or service
  • Preparation/review of Founders Agreement 
  • Preparation/review of Nondisclosure Agreement 
  • Legal advice on business registration or company incorporation and business/corporate structure and advice
  • Legal advice on intellectual property protection 
  • WhatsApp and email communication with a lawyer (within the delivery period)

N199,999 only*


Lunch Pack

  • Preparation/review of terms of service or terms of use
  • Preparation/review of privacy note or privacy policy
  • Preparation/review of cookies policy and email use policy
  • Preparation/review of employment agreements 
  • Preparation/review of shareholders’ Agreement 
  • Data Privacy Advisory (for three months)
  • Legal opinion on applicable taxes 
  • WhatsApp and email communication with a lawyer (for three months)

N299,999 only*


Dinner Pack

  • Preparation/review of legal documents (maximum of three documents)
  • Legal & regulatory compliance advisory (for three months)
  • Startup tax advisory (for three months)
  • Guide on startup funding 
  • Participation in select negotiation meetings (maximum of two each quarter for six months)
  • Service of a Data Protection Officer (for three months)
  • Access to general legal advice (for six months)
  • Legal advice on any existing or potential litigation (for three months) 
  • Legal advice on corporate governance
  • WhatsApp and email Communication with a lawyer (for six months)

N499,999 only*


*Each plan is a standard plan which is negotiable and could be tailored to your startup’s specific needs. If you subscribe to the complete bundle, 25% discount applies, exclusive of tax.


Three Square Meal Startup Bundle Request Form

To subscribe for one or more of the legal-services packs above, please complete and submit the form below:


As soon as we receive your completed form, we will contact you to complete your subscription and start offering the requested legal-services instantly.


Note on Startup Growth Stage

  • Concept or research or idea stage: You are currently putting ideas and concepts together about your startup.
  • Commitment stage: You are currently creating a prototype, developing a process, building a team, secure funding, refining your business model, and working towards a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Traction or validation stage: You are currently getting the word out about your product or service, validating the viability of your product or service, focusing on growing your customer base, and attaining the product-market fit.
  • Refinement stage: You are currently you are getting feedback from early adopters, refining your product or service with the feedback, testing your strategies, tracking conversion rates, and analyzing data to make informed decisions.
  • Scaling stage: You are currently growing your customer base further, improving your offerings, iterating on on what’s working, and putting processes into place to iterate faster.
  • Established: You are no longer a startup, but an established company, focusing on increasing customer retention and loyalty, and mobilizing resources to achieve or maintain a competitive edge in your market.
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