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Today intangible assets have become the most valuable asset of competitive companies in the global economy. Copyrights, industrial designs, patents, and trademarks are intangible assets and make your business or company more competitive. This is why you need to not only protect your intangible assets but also explore monetization options to boost your bottom line. Whether through franchising, licensing, merchandising, or other methods of IP exploitation, you need a level of IP expertise that will enable your business or company leverage your intangible assets for competitive growth.

This is where IPO 365 comes in. With IPO 365, we will serve your business or company as your Intellectual Property Officer (IPO) 365 days in a year, subject to renewal. We will assess your IP portfolio, advise on IP protection, manage your IP rights, monitor your IP, and offer IP monetization options tailored to your business goals. To request IPO 365, please click link at the bottom of this page to complete and submit our service-request form.

Many businesses are either sitting on gold or on timebombs, but they do not know so. This is because while some businesses fail to realize the significant place of intangible assets in today’s knowledge economy and digital age, others just believealbeit wronglythat they either do not have enough IP or do not have the budget for a comprehensive IP strategy for their businesses. Having an IP strategy transit your business from mere trading to real businessa strategy that helps you know where you are and what you need to do to get to your big picture.

With IP Strategizer Plus, we help you develop an IP strategy that is aligned to your business model and business goals. IP Strategizer Plus comprehensive assesses your IP portfolio, determines the health of each one, advise how to protect them, and show how you can minimise risks and monetize your IP. We are able to offer IP Strategizer Plus to small businesses, medium-scale enterprises, and large-scale enterprises. So if you need a comprehensive look at your IP portfolio and a winning strategy in today’s knowledge economy and digital age, don’t hesitate to get IP Strategizer Plus. It will be tailored to your needs.

Globally, competition is getting stiffer in every industry. Whether you sell goods or services; whether big or small, developing a brand and protecting it is critical to business growth. Some of the biggest companies today are companies who invested in (and continue to invest in) their brands. Today, some of those brands alone are worth billions of dollars.
This is why you need to not only build your brands for your goods and services but also protect them early. With BrandPro Plus, we will help you protect your brand not only through trademark registration but also provide you an executable brand-protection strategy tailored to your industry. Apart from brand protection, with BrandPro Plus, you will be able to determine how you can leverage your brand to grow and expand your business. Protect your brand and win with it with BrandPro Plus. Your brand is everything.

Copyright plays a vital role in the protection of original works, enabling authors and creators get incentives for their efforts while also facilitating access to knowledge. In today’s knowledge economy and the digital age, copyright law keeps evolving to ensuring that authors or creators are rewarded for their creativity and originality however way their works are produced or distributed. Artistic works, broadcasting, cinematograph films, literary works, musical works, and sound recordings are all works eligible for copyright protection. Copyright and related rights greatly benefit copyright-intensive industries. These industries are often referred to as copyright-based or creative industries. From the entertainment industry to the software industry, these industries contribute to economic growth and development. Because Nigeria is a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, there is no requirement for formalities for copyright protection. Copyright protection is automatic, applying to any literary, artistic, or musical work that is original and fixed in a tangible medium of expression. But for the purpose of establishing copyright ownership in a more reliable way, the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) maintains a database of copyright works and issues a certificate to copyright owners as evidence of ownership.
With CopyrightPro Plus, we will help you protect your work in accordance with copyright law and help you obtain your copyright certificate. CopyrightPro Plus comes with one cease-and-desist letter in the event of any copyright infringements within the first one year of subscribing to CopyrightPro Plus.

According to Brooks Stevens, “[a]n industrial designer in today’s business world should be a businessman and engineer, and a stylist, and in that order.” We agree. As more and more businesses try to stand out of the crowd with their brand products, industrial designers need all the support they can get to innovate. You know the classic 3-dimensional shape of a Coke contour bottle just as you know the unique shape of an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Plumen 001 light bulb, or a Piaggio Vespa Scooter. Each of these designs are critical to the brand’s success. Having a unique aesthetic or ornamental feature in products in today’s increasingly competitive market has become vital to building global brands. From the fashion industry to the automobile industry; electronics industry to furniture industry, industrial design is where design meets form. Combining lines or colours or both, and any 3-dimensional features is an industrial design. This design must only be intended to be used as a model or pattern, multiplied by industrial process, not to solely obtain a technical result.
With DesignPro Plus, we will provide guidance and advice that will enable industrial designers in both startups and companies not only create unique designs but also protect their designs for competitive advantage. Take advantage of DesignPro Plus. DesignPro Plus comes with one cease-and-desist letter in the event of any design-rights infringements within the first one year of filing for industrial-design protection through DesignPro Plus.

In the 4th Industrial Age, disruptive innovations continue to change the way we live, work, communicate, etc. Inventive innovations offer a new technical solution to a problem and provides a great opportunity to the inventor to commercialize. Protecting such technical solution requires a grant of patent which enables the inventor enjoy exclusive right to the invention for up to 20 years. An inventor who has invented a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something or an improvement of the existing way of doing it is generally qualified for a grand of patent. With a patent, the patent owner is exclusively entitled to stop others from commercially exploiting the patented invention by distributing, producing, selling, or importing the patented invention without the patent owner’s authorization. But to be granted a patent requires not only a new and inventive product or process but a well-prepared patent application as well. In the patent application, technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public.
This is where PatentPro Plus comes in. With PatentPro Plus, we will provide the professional advice and guidance you need to get a patent for your invention, prepare your patent application with specifications and claim, and apply for patent as your patent attorneys locally or through our accredited agents internationally. PatentPro Plus comes with one cease-and-desist letter in the event of any patent infringements within the first one year of filing a patent application through PatentPro Plus.

Whether for your IPO 365™, IP strategizer, BrandPro™, CopyrightPro™, DesignPro, or PatentPro™, please click here to complete and submit our service-request form so we discuss your IP needs and prepare a quote.