Introducing ‘IP Project 500’ for IP Project Students in Nigerian Universities

Introducing ‘IP Project 500’ for IP Project Students in Nigerian Universities

To support research and scholarship in intellectual property (IP) amongst law students in Nigerian universities, Infusion Lawyers introduces ‘IP Project 500’.

IP Project 500 is a virtual space where final-year law students in Nigerian universities enjoy access to volunteer IP experts and a growing cloud library of IP materials.

With access to expert guidance at a click, IP Project 500 will help IP project students:

  1. improve the quality of their legal research and writing by providing them with free access to expert guidance and IP materials, regardless of their location in Nigeria;
  2. deepen their interest in IP not just as a discipline but also as an area of specialization for building successful legal careers;
  3. bridge the wide gap between IP in the classroom and IP in the real world by exposing them to real issues in the IP world and challenging them to brainstorm solutions;
  4. appreciate better the intersection between IP and technology and challenge them to take on project topics that will add fresh and real value to IP knowledge to IP in Nigeria; and
  5. build their professional network, connecting and rubbing minds with IP experts who are involved in IP advisory, consultancy, practice, or teaching in Nigeria.


Virtual Channels on IP Project 500

  • Project Class: Channel where project candidates meet and discuss their project works;
  • IP Experts: Channel where invited IP experts volunteer to guide project candidates;
  • Project Library: Channel containing Google Drive link to IP materials; and
  • Project Office: Channel where project candidates have access to the administrative team, assisting project candidates with their research needs.

Testimonials by Two Beneficiaries of IP Project 500

IP Project 500 was first introduced in May 2018 by Infusion Lawyers as IP-FYPAss (Intellectual Property Final Year Project Assistance). One of the beneficiaries of IP-FYPAss, Albert Okeke, a law student from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka shares his experience: “I recently concluded my degree programme in law. As part of the requirements for the degree, we were given topics to write on for the Long Essay. I got a topic on IP‘Contemporary Issues in Copyright Law in Nigeria: A Critique’. It appeared easy until I started my research. I then knew I was going to need helpa  lot of it. I had no clue how to structure my chapters, nor write an abstract. I was generally overwhelmed, particularly by the cold shoulder I got from persons I expected help from. A friend and coursemate introduced me to IP-FYPAss program run by Infusion Lawyers. The program was largely instrumental to the success of my essay. The assistance was all-round and elaborate. The program assisted me all through the way. I’m excited that this even exists. More students can benefit from it the way I did.”

Another beneficiary, Chibikem Uba, also from the Faculty of Law, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, is also happy to share his experience. Chibikem, like Albert, worked closely with Senator Ihenyen, Lead Partner of Infusion Lawyers, and had this to say at the end of the program: “It was an awesome experience getting such tremendous help from someone whom I haven’t had a face-to-face contact with but who related with me as though we have been long-time friends. Out of his busy schedule, Senator helped me through every step of my project, “My work was centred on piracy, its effect on Nigeria economy, steps taken to combat piracy by the NCC and other regulatory bodies, and steps that should be taken to curb piracy in Nigeria. Initially, I was clueless on how to construct my table of content and abstract which is the first stage of my project but that problem was solved when my friend Gabriel Eze intimated me about IP-FYPAss which assists students in their IP project works. I immediately subscribed! A lot of useful materials were shared with me through this platform to enable me draft my table of content and my abstract. It also enabled me forge ahead in my project work. Latest posts on IP Matters, a periodical publication by Senator Ihenyen, were equally shared on this platform, helping me appreciate how IP works outside the classroom. And when I needed a one-on-one session, it was granted to me and I got all the answers I needed and even more. My love for IP Law has become deeper and that it is because IP-FYPAss kept the fire in me burning. I want to thank Infusion Lawyers, especially Senator Ihenyen and his team, for assisting my friends and me in our projects. We are grateful for the great benefits we have gotten through your help. Keep infusing!”


How to Join IP Project 500 as a Project Student

Are you a 500-level law student in a Nigerian university taking on an IP topic in your project work? If you are a 500-level law student in a Nigerian university and you are writing or plan to write on any IP topics for your LLB dissertation, IP Project 500 has been designed to help you attain excellence in your IP research. To join IP Project 500 as a project student, click here.

How to Volunteer as IP Expert at IP Project 500

If you would like to be part of IP Project 500 as a volunteer IP expert, join our team of volunteers. Please click here to complete and submit application form online. We will be happy to review and get you on board!

IP Project 500 open sesame to IP research & writing in Nigerian universities


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