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Today privacy is increasingly the most important issue in our data-driven world. This is why data protection is more critical than ever before. Entities who deal in data that may affect privacy are at risk, particularly at a time when cybersecurity threats have become one of the biggest problems agencies, companies, and organizations face.
Agencies, companies, and organizations that process or store large amounts of personal data need Data Processing Officers (DPOs). Particularly for entities that conduct large-scale processing of special categories of personal data—such as ethnic group or religious belief. Today you need a DPO that will be responsible for overseeing data-protection strategy and implementation for your agency, company, or organization. This is to ensuring compliance with data protection laws, regulations, and standards. Also, your DPO will be responsible for educating your agency, company, or organization and your employees on compliance requirements, training staff involved in data processing, and conducting regular security audits.
This is why you need DPO 365™.
DPO 365™ is our data-protection services for agencies, companies, and organizations who need a DPO to meet global best practices in data protection. Apart from the other responsibilities mentioned above, with DPO 365™ we will oversee data-protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with regulations and serve as the point of contact between your agency, company, or organization and any supervisory authorities (SAs) that oversee activities related to data protection.

Today intangible assets have become the most valuable asset of competitive companies in the global economy. Copyrights, industrial designs, patents, and trademarks are intangible assets and make your business or company more competitive. This is why you need to not only protect your intangible assets but also explore monetization options to boost your bottom line. Whether through franchising, licensing, merchandising, or other methods of IP exploitation, you need a level of IP expertise that will enable your business or company leverage your intangible assets for competitive growth.

This is where IPO 365 comes in. With IPO 365, we will serve your business or company as your Intellectual Property Officer (IPO) 365 days in a year, subject to renewal. We will assess your IP portfolio, advise on IP protection, manage your IP rights, monitor your IP, and offer IP monetization options tailored to your business goals. To request IPO 365, please click here to complete and submit our service-request form.

In the digital age, more and more businesses are going online. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are setting up online platforms as part of their growth or marketing strategy. But running an online business or having an online presence come with its own risks. Risks apply when users interact with your website. Also, the products or services you sell online come with their own commercial risks too. The information you collect from users, how you store them, use them, process them, transfer them, etc all come with a level of risk. (Data protection and privacy is one of the biggest concerns in today’s global business environment, particularly online.) If these risks are not legally avoided or reasonably minimized, they can hurt your business.
This is why you need a digital-business protection framework that keep your online operations safe. And this is where DigiBusiness Pro Plus comes in. With DigiBusiness Pro Plus, we will comprehensively study your business model, identify any legal risks, and provide legal shields tailored to your business. This will address online liabilities, and data and privacy issues that online businesses often face. If your organization handles European Union (EU) residents’ data, we will work with you to optimize your privacy policy, making it comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that will change the way we transact business or exchange value. A trustless system, blockchain will impact various industries, boosting security, transparency, and of course trust.It will especially impact on the financial services industry (FSI), as it already is.

Private or public token sale is one aspect of an ICO that may make or break the entire project. This is why having the proper terms and conditions that will apply to your token sale is critical. It generally determines all rights and liabilities. With BlockLegal, these terms and conditions would be prepared based on the particular project, and not some general terms that may not adequately project the project.

Regulators are concerned about the use of Blockchain technology to perpetuate fraud such as money laundering. Also, anonymity is a cause for serious concern for law enforcement agencies. With BlockLegal, we will help you ensure that your ICO complies with applicable regulations. We will evaluate your ICO to determine if your require any licence or authority by relevant regulators.

To establish and run a blockchain- or cryptocurrency-based business, it is advised that you incorporate a business. With BlockLegal, we will advise on a corporate structure that is suitable for your business. We will also advise on share capital structure and equity allocation. This will depend on your business model and the jurisdiction the business would be established.

With intangible assets such as copyrights, patents, trademarks etc driving the global economy today, IP protection should be paramount. Based on IP laws and protection systems available to you, BlockLegal will enable you protect your IP through appropriate registrations. Apart from registration, we will be able to advice on IP monetization which helps you leverage your registered IP for business growth and expansion.

Data protection and privacy is a major legal concern and it will continue to be. This demands that your data protection and privacy policy (and infrastructure) are strong. With BlockLegal, we will advise on this and prepare a comprehensive privacy policy tailored to your peculiar risks. And since most blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are global, we will ensure that your privacy policy is compliant with the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR).

By establishing and running a blockchain- or cryptocurrency-based project, you are necessarily creating legal relationships with attendant legal rights and liabilities. With BlockLegal, we will draft and review your transactional or commercial agreements. This includes employment agreements, founders agreements, investment agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, vesting agreements, etc.

For individuals and companies looking to invest in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Token Offering (ITO), Security Token Offering (STO), or Initial Exchange Offering, we are able to conduct due diligence and provide you with a guide that will help you make an informed decision. This will help you avoid (or at least minimize) risks in today’s risky ICO/ITO/STO business environment. Please note that our ICO/ITO/STO/IEO legal advisory services does not include a financial advice. For financial advice, conduct yourself financial adviser or investment manager.

Incorporate your company, get registered office, structure your taxes, put company administration in place, working or co-working space, and secure qualified local directors to meet regulatory requirements.

Access the European markets by listing companies on an EU country stock exchange. Get listing on the secondary market and subsequent upgrade to primary market after meeting regulatory requirements. At a fee, your license can be passported to other EU stock exchanges such as Frankfurt or Rome.

Apply for a bank account for your crypto transactions or business. You can use this bank account for ICO, STO or even Crypto Exchanges, receiving and sending money to all regulated crypto exchanges.

Get free listing on one of the first regulated Exchanges in an EU country.

On your behalf, we will arrange your work permit, residency, or passport to enable you work in an EU country. We will help secure the most suitable programme that enables you use your newly acquired EU-country passport to access Europe.

Whether for DPO 365™, DigiBusiness Pro Plus™, Block & Cryptocurrency Legal Advisory, and other services needs, click here to complete and submit our service-request form so we discuss your IT-services needs and prepare a quote.