An intellectual property and information technology lawyer, Senator combines these two most powerful tools in the 21st century to infuse something new into the legal services Infusion Lawyers provides. He is the Lead Partner of Infusion Lawyers.

Senator Ihenyen

Lead Partner

New Partner: Stephen Azubuike joins Infusion Lawyers as partner
An attorney with an eye for both the big picture and for detail, Stephen helps clients finely navigate seen and unforeseen risks in today's legal, business, and regulatory environment. With his legal expertise and interdisciplinary approach to problems, Stephen approaches issues with rare insight, professionalism, and missionary zeal.
Malan Moses Faya, Infusion Lawyers
With a blend of brilliance and imagination, Malan provides refreshing legal insight to solve legal problems and safely navigate today's business environment.
Tobechukwu Ndunagu_Associate at Infusion Lawyers
Combining his IP, IT, and ADR knowledge and skills, Tobechukwu is committed to contributing to the growth and development of the e-Commerce and entertainment industries by helping businesses get IP, IT, and dispute resolution right in a digital age.
Chinazom Arinzechukwu, Associate at Infusion Lawyers
Chinazom's analytical mind enables her spot real and potential legal and regulatory risks in the interplay of law, business, and technology in the knowledge economy and the digital age, bringing value to the work she does. 
Gabriel Eze_Asociate at Infusion Lawyers
Gabriel's fine understanding and appreciation of the intersection between law and technology and the risks and opportunities this intersection continually brings enables him add great value to clients' work. By combining this skill with his dexterity to always understand the client's business first, Gabriel demonstrates that rare empathy today's clients want.Gabriel is skilled at providing business insights to enterprises and has high-level organizational skills and has shown fine leadership skills early.

Gabriel Eze