Senator Ihenyen

Lead Partner

Senator Ihenyen loves entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. He advises on information technology (IT) and intellectual property (IP). An intellectual property and information technology lawyer, Senator combines these two most powerful tools in the 21st century to infuse something new into the legal services Infusion Lawyers provides. Senator is one of Nigeria’s data protection and privacy expert contributors for Data Guidance, an international data- and privacy-compliance network. In 2016, Senator completed a comprehensive data note on data protection and policy in Nigeria, available in over 100 countries. And in 2019, Senator co-authored the International Comparative Legal Guide on Data Protection Guide (Nigeria Chapter). Senator is also knowledgeable and skilled in blockchain & cryptocurrency law and regulations. He provides legal advice to several blockchain & cryptocurrency companies. He is the Lead Trainer, B/ockchain for Lawyers Masterclass, training lawyers on blockchain technology, its applications to law, and its legal and regulatory aspects. Senator is committed to the lifelong dream of growing, protecting, and supporting innovation to maximize value, create opportunities, and open up new possibilities.

Stephen Azubuike


Stephen I. Azubuike is a lawyer with expertise in Commercial Dispute Resolution and Technology Law practice. He has successfully argued cases from the High Courts of various jurisdictions to the Appellate Courts on behalf of financial institutions, other corporate bodies and multinationals. He has worked with a number of startup tech companies. Stephen is the author of Stephen Legal Digest, a top-rated Legal Digest in Nigeria published by UNILAG Press. Apart from his incisive analysis on Case Law and trending legal issues, frequently published on his personal Blog (Stephen Legal Blog). He has also been published in the University of Benin Law Journal and in The Guardian, The Nation, Thisday, The Cable, Proshare, etc. Stephen is a multiple-award-winning lawyer and a member of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (Lagos Branch). He volunteers at Prof. Pat. Utomi’s Centre for Values in Leadership in Lagos, given his passion for capacity building and leadership development. Senator is committed to the lifelong dream of growing, protecting, and supporting innovation to maximize value, create opportunities, and open up new possibilities.
Malan Moses Faya, Infusion Lawyers

Malan Moses Faya

Of Counsel

Malan Moses Faya is Sector Head, Information Technology at Infusion Lawyers. He specializes in cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy. Malan has deep understanding of data protection regulations and laws. He prepares and reviews privacy policies, assesses and reviews data audits for data controllers, and handles regulatory compliance to forestall data breaches and ensure data integrity. With Ma Ian’s expertise in these areas, he was part of the team that worked on the Nigerian Data Protection Bill which has been passed by the National Assembly and currently before the President for assent. With his knowledge of cybersecurity and work in that area, Malan is Head of Operations at Data Analytics Privacy Technology and Principal Consultant at CyberEgde ProSecure. Malan is currently undergoing a Masters in Cybersecurity from the Centre for Cyberspace, Nasarawa State University, Keffi. A member of the NBA-SBL Committee Exco ( programs and Logistics) and the Committee on Information Technology, Malan is a Fellow of the Nigerian School of Internet Governance. Malan helps clients safely navigate today’s regulatory waters, particularly in today’s risky and data-driven digital and global business environment.
Tobechukwu Ndunagu_Associate at Infusion Lawyers

Tobechukwu Ndunagu

Lead Associate

Tobechukwu Ndunagu specialises in Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT). He enjoys providing insight and preparing advice on business growth through IP protection and monetization. He has growing interest in the e-commerce and entertainment industries, where his IP & IT skills combine best. Apart from IP & IT, Tobechukwu is skilled in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He is inspired by the creativity that abounds in the Nigerian entertainment industry, committing his IP, IT, and ADR knowledge and skills to providing bespoke legal solutions to investors and players in what he describes as “Nigeria’s cultural goldmine.”

Gabriel Eze


Gabriel’s understanding and appreciation of the intersection between law and technology and the risks and opportunities this intersection continually brings enables him add great value to clients’ work. Gabriel Eze has keen interest in Intellectual Property, Information Technology, and Startup Law. He also has a growing interest in blockchain technology and e-sports. From IBM’s Data Science & Analytics and Blockchain Technology training programs to WIPO’s Intellectual Property courses, Gabriel continues to grow his knowledge and skills to enable him add value to our legal team. By combining this with his dexterity towards understanding clients’ business first, Gabriel demonstrates that rare empathy today’s clients want.
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