Glocal Practice

Coined from the words 'global' and 'local', 'glocal' blends globalization and localization in a world that has become so connected there is a constant interrelationship between the global and the local. It is a marketplace of ideas and ideals; a marketplace where world capitals meet at a roundtable for business; a marketplace where capitals and opportunities from around the world meet, breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and expanding frontiers both globally and locally.
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Intellectual Property Practice at Infusion Lawyers

Intellectual Property

More than ever before, innovation is vital to life and business. But without Intellectual Property, innovation will gradually become an endangered species. This is why at Infusion Lawyers, Intellectual Property is central to all that we do, helping us discover, explore, protect, and maximize innovations to benefit innovators and our constantly-changing world.
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IP & IT Advocacy Practice at Infusion Lawyers

IP & IT Advocacy

IP & IT Advocacy promotes Intellectual Property and Information Technology to support the growth of creative industries, local industries, homegrown technology, culture, and investments for sustainable development in Africa and beyond.
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Dispute Resolution Practice at Infusion Lawyers

IP & IT Dispute Resolution

When your innovation has become or is about to become a success story, disputes may arise involving how others use your innovative products or services without authorization. Our IP & IT Dispute Resolution practice ensures your best interest is always protected.
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IP & IT Transactional Practice

At Infusion Lawyers, we have a preventive approach to your IP & IT business transactions, thus minimizing both legal and business risks. The result is that we save you a lot of money and a lot of headache.
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Information Technology

As long as technology keeps evolving, so will the challenges it often creates. By infusing Information Technology to the legal solutions we provide, we help tech businesses, innovators, and startups get the best from technology.
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Startup Law at Infusion Lawyers

Startup Law

With the failure rate of 9 out of 10 in today's startup ecosystems globally, startups need to not only get their scalable business models right but also get their business formation, funding , and legal infrastructure right. Infusion Lawyers can help with those.
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