IP Matters … with Senator Ihenyen


IP Matters with Senator Ihenyen, Lead Partner, Infusion Lawyers: Intellectual Property Law Firm in Nigeria

IP Matters with Senator Ihenyen.

IP Matters shares short, regular insights on IP and IP-related matters in both private and public sectors. It’s all about IP in business and development.

With IP Matters, our Lead Partner, Senator Ihenyen, would not just be focusing on matters relating to IP but also be showing why IP matters in today’s knowledge economy.

IP Matters would be published regularly through Senator Ihenyen’s LinkedIn profile, Senator Ihenyen. For easy access and reference, IP Matters would also be published here on our website https://www.infusionlawyers.com.ng/category/ip-matters/

IP Matters kicks off in the New Year, 2018. Follow hashtag on LinkedIn #ipmatterswithsenator

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