Grab your Brand NOW™: Register your trade mark today before it’s too late.

Your trade mark is at the heart of your business, whether you are big or small.

The brand name of your business, product, or service is vital. It is what distinguished your business, products, or service from those of others. If distinctive, your brand name should be protected as your trade mark without delay. Your trade mark is at the heart of your business. It’s worth more than you probably think.

When you take care of your trade mark, it takes care of you. But when you fail to do so, it fails you. And the result? It’s better imagined. 

If you fail to secure your brand, your business becomes insecure. Also, without a brand, you are merely involved in trading, not really in business. The point is this: Your business is your brand and your brand is your business, particularly in today’s global market.

Secure your business by securing the brand name of your products or services.

In today’s competitive marketplace largely dominated by intangible assets, you need a secured distinctive brand name that makes you stand out confidently from the crowd.

Inspired by startups, we introduce our Grab your Brand NOW™. With Grab your Brand NOW™, you get trade mark protection that secures your future as a business, whether big or small.

7 reasons why you need Grab your Brand NOW™

Below are 7 big reasons why you should register that brand name of yours as your trade mark now:

1. Your brand name is protected as your exclusive trade mark throughout Nigeria;

2.  You have the right to stop anyone from using your trade mark or any confusingly or deceptively similar trade mark;

3. When registered, your trade mark is in the public record of the  Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry, Federal Ministry of  Trade and Investments;

4. You have the right to sue and get damages against unauthorized users«

5. Your continued use of your trade mark increases its value as an intangible asset;

6. You can license your trade mark as a business-expansion strategy; and

7. You can assign or sell your trade mark as an exit plan.

For every Grab your Brand NOW™ you order, you get a comprehensive trade mark search service plus advice.

When you pay for our Grab your Brand NOW™, it comes with our comprehensive trade mark search service, 360 BrandName Checkup™. You also get a trade mark protection advice. 

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. With trade mark issues, the saying is always true. 

By integrating 360 BrandName Checkup™ into our Grab your Brand NOW™ service, we want to ensure that registering the brand name of that business, product, or service as your trade mark is a safer affair.

How?, you might ask.

While you are looking to invest in your brand name through trade mark registration, you want to be sure that you are making the right investment. 

Particularly in today’s highly competitive global market and the digital economy, you don’t want to invest in a name that ends up being any of the 4 things below:

1. the name of an existing business, product, or service, thus leading to legal issues; 

2. the domain name of an existing business, product, or service;

3. the registered trademark of another person or entity; or

4. the well-known brand name of a business, product, or service, even if unregistered. 

This is where 360 BrandName Checkup™ comes in. 

With 360 BrandName Checkup™, a thorough search is conducted for you through:

1. the trademark register in Nigeria;

2. the global domain-name registry;

3. the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registry in Nigeria; and

4. the Internet generally, including social media.

If the search result is green, Congratulations! you may now safely proceed to with the remaining registeration process for your brand. If the search result is red, Sorry! but it’s not the end of the world. We will provide you with the information and insight you need to decide on your next best winning option. If you choose not to proceed with any brand-name registration at all, your money will be refunded to you less the costs for conducting the 360 BrandName Checkup™.

Let’s take protect your brand name while you focus on your business, thus minimizing or completely avoiding “stories that touch”.

Before your competitor grabs it, click here to Grab your Brand Now™. Now N119,999. All inclusive.

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