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With our corporate practice, our clients are able to efficiently manage their companies in Nigeria. This covers corporate contracts, corporate structure, corporate governance, company regulations and securities. We provide company formation services, corporate secretarial services, regulatory and compliance services to businesses in Nigeria.

For pre-incorporation, we cater to our clients needs, including company formation, share capital structure and licensing and permits. And for post incorporation, we cater to needs such as attending meetings of the Board of Directors and General meetings, maintaining the statutory books and registers of the company as well as corporate seal, preparing company policies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, handling notices, and rendering returns and filing changes at the appropriate registries.

Other needs we meet include providing non-transactional legal advisory services, developing corporate governance structures and providing legal policy orientation training to client’s staff.


Maximizing Opportunities and Minimizing the Risks in the Decentralized Economy

Regarding securities, we work with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accredited professional firms and capital market solicitors to assist with securities transactions, including bond issuance, custodial arrangements, investment funds, and private placements, and rights issues. We also offer professional assistance to startups that require funding through the capital market in Nigeria.

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