The Phoenix—incorporate your company abroad

Incorporating your company abroad with the structure used by the most innovative companies in the world.

As an entrepreneur or innovator in today’s global economy, incorporating your company in the most friendly and suitable jurisdictions in the world has become vital for your competitiveness. You need a solution that will enable you to incorporate your company regardless of where you are from or where you are located. You also need a solution with no confusing paperwork so you can focus on your business. With no hassles, incorporating a Company abroad should be at your fingertips from anywhere and at anytime.

This is where Phoenix, our business and legal support product. 

With Phoenix, we help you incorporate in locations such as the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 


Introducing the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a unique legal and business-support product by Infusion Lawyers particularly targeted at entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa and other developing regions. With the Phoenix, entrepreneurs and innovators are provided with the business and legal support they need to rise from the ashes of legal and regulatory disruptions in hostile jurisdictions to establish and run their startups in jurisdictions where their innovations can thrive better and more competitively in a global economy.

With the Phenix, we provide you with the structure used by the most innovative companies in the world.


The package Phoenix comes with

The Phoenix comes with the following package:

  • Business-structure advisory
  • Company incorporation
  • Foreign bank account
  • Foreign business address
  • Nominee manager/director
  • Annual maintenance: registered agent, registered address, and annual filing
  • Add ons (Optional): for example, legal & tax advisory, fiat bank account, nominee director, annual maintenance & filings, tax filings, physical business address, international mail courier services, US phone number with utility bill, etc.


Jurisdictions Covered by Phoenix  (updated from time to time)

Depending on the most suitable jurisdiction or business structure for your company, below is the list of jurisdictions and business structures the Phoenix covers:

  1. Cayman Islands Limited Company: This is great for an offshore holding company or crypto hedge fund. It is also tax-optimized and crypto-friendly. Suitable for token Offering and investment funding as well.
  2. Cayman Islands Foundation: This is suitable for crypto projects and acts as treasury for your tokens. Optimized for privacy, tax, and asset protection..
  3. Hong Kong Limited Company: This is suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to do business from anywhere in the world. Optimized for startups, digital goods, operating companies, and tax.
  4. Singapore Limited Company: Suitable for an operating company with possible company-related Singapore residency. Optimized for startups, venture-capital funding, banking, and tax.
  5. Switzerland GmbH (Zug): This is suitable for crypto businesses that greatly value prestige and privacy in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction. Optimized for crypto banking, operating company, and tax.
  6. United Kingdom Limited Partnership: This is suitable for building an international company. Good for startups, digital goods, operating companies, venture-capital funding, and banking.
  7. United States Delaware LLC: Suitable for a digital goods company, an operating company, or investment fund. Optimized for banking, digital goods, investment fund, and tax.
  8. United States Delaware C-Corporation: Suitable for local companies or entrepreneurs looking to raise from US investors. Optimized for venture-capital funding, startup, banking, and operating company.
  9. United States Wyoming LLC: Suitable for operating companies that want privacy. Optimized for crypto startups, digital goods, banking, and tax.

Before finally deciding on which of the jurisdictions or business structures above is most suitable to your business, we are happy to provide free initial consultation. Just send us an email about your business so we fix a convenient date and time.



The incorporation fee depends on your choice of jurisdiction or business structure. It also depends on whether you decide to include add-ons in order to enjoy Phoenix beyond incorporation. 


Take Action

If you seek to incorporate your company abroad, talk to us today about your plans. Send email to or send WhatsApp message to +234806 735 1417 with the subject title ‘The Phoenix’. We will respond in no time.


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