Commercial Dispute Resolution

Commercial Dispute Resolution, Infusion Lawyers, Intellectual Property and Technology Law Firm in Nigeria

Just as commerce is part of life, so are disputes to commercial life. Because we understand this fact and have integrated dispute resolution into our work, we help you resolve commercial disputes in ways that efficiently and effectively make you avoid or minimize the negative impacts of disputes on your business.


We are lawyers who understand that you value your commercial relationships. This is why we offer to you multi-dimensional commercial dispute resolution services aimed at the best resolution for your disputes in your best interest. We represent you without making you bleed.

Our commercial dispute resolution integrates negotiation and mediation. We are professionals in negotiation, having the capacity to help you reach outcomes on favourable terms. We are also mediators trained to facilitate amicable settlement of disputes.


As Mediation Advocates, we sit beside you at mediation sessions to ensure you take benefit of the flexibility and efficiency of the process. We infuse into our commercial dispute resolution services what your business needs to get disputes resolved without compromising the health of your commercial life.

Commercial dispute resolution is not only about fighting for you in court when business disputes arise, but also helping you prevent and manage these disputes in your commercial relationships. This preventive approach to commercial dispute resolution has enabled us help clients significantly minimize both legal and business risks. The result? We save you a lot of money and a lot of headache so you can focus on your business.

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