Information Technology

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If intellectual property (IP) is life, information technology (IT) is how we live it. How we live and do business today keep changing as technology advances. Collecting, using, and transferring data on technology-driven platforms is increasingly becoming regulated by laws, regulations, and standards.


From e-commerce to social media; technology and outsourcing to gaming; technology is at the heart of them all. Changes in technology continue to create both business and legal risks that no one can afford to ignore. Our IT practice helps tech businesses, innovators, and startups get IT right, keeping them safe, secure, and smart. As long as technology keeps evolving, so will the challenges it often creates.


By infusing Information Technology to the legal solutions we provide, we help tech businesses, innovators, and startups get the best from technology. To achieve this, we adopt a two-way approach to technology: 1. Safety approach; and 2. Opportunity approach.


Safety Approach: To keep you safe, we help tech businesses and startups minimize the legal and business risks that non-compliance with regulations and laws on data collection, use, and transfer create today.

Opportunity Approach: And to expand opportunities, we reposition tech businesses and startups to enable them take advantage of new opportunities created by technology. 

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