Glocal Practice

Coined from the words ‘global’ and ‘local’, ‘glocal’ blends globalization and localization in a world that has become so connected there is a constant interrelationship between the global and the local.


It is a marketplace of ideas and ideals; a marketplace where world capitals meet at a roundtable for business; a marketplace where capitals and opportunities from around the world meet, breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and expanding frontiers both globally and locally.


By infusing Intellectual Property (IP) to what tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups do, we create value that keeps innovation going.


Glocal Practice combines both universalizing and particularizing considerations to give bespoke legal solutions to both existing and new clients. With our Glocal Practice, we combine local insight with global considerations to get you results.


If you are looking to explore opportunities in Nigeria and wish to minimize risks while maximizing rewards, you need to leverage the expertise and experience of a law firm that understands the local business environment and jurisdiction, combining this local insight with global considerations. The result? Helping you achieve just that-results.

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