Day 16: When Online, ‘free’ isn’t always ‘free’.

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There are many free online services available on the Internet. From storing of documents or media in the cloud to developing documents; sending of emails to connecting with people without spending a dime, the Internet seems synonymous with free.

But free isn’t always free.

Many free online services will sell personal information about you to advertisers to make money. So be aware of what information you’re providing online.

Always take your time in reading website privacy policies and terms of use. Yes, the legal jargon are a turn off—even for lawyers—but don’t compromise your online security for speed.

Don’t post information that could be exploited by a criminal, or information that you don’t want to see in the public. Also, avoid storing unencrypted sensitive information in the cloud, as you don’t know who you’re sharing the cloud with. The cloud can cloud out your online security, without necessary safeguards.

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