Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms: Tackling Cyber risks and Data Breaches

Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms: Tackling Cyber Risks and Data Breaches by Moses Malan Faya, Infusion Lawyers

This is a study on Nigerian law firms’ cybersecurity and data protection hygiene. The data represented in this study is a compilation of data by the author and gathered through an online anonymized survey. The data
points were specifically selected to accurately reflect both the cybersecurity threats and current efforts taken by Nigerian lawyers and law firms to limit the risks of cyber exposure or breach.

In the course of compiling this report, the author surveyed and assessed over 200 Nigerian lawyers located in Nigeria and having a full-time practice in Nigeria. The purpose of this study is to create awareness in the Nigeria legal community of the risk of data breaches and the need for data protection.

To read this work by Moses Malan Faya, click link to download: Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms.

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