Day 11: Always update your browser, operating system, software, and plugins.

Welcome to Cybersecurity in 31 Days. I’m Malan Faya, your host. Today is Day 11. To view previous posts, click here.

Keeping your operating system and software up to date is as critical as changing your car oil. Every now and then, new threats to devices and personal computers are discovered. Once a new threat has been discovered, it often propagates quickly.

Security flaws in software could allow hackers compromise your entire security system and software. Using malware or other means, hackers may steal your data, destroy your data, or completely shut down the hacked program or operating system.

Operating systems and software that are not updated run the high risk of creating exploitable weak points for hackers to infiltrate your electronic device. Updating your operating system and software will not only protect your electronics devices but also improve their performance and boost reliability.

Updating your browser, operating system, software, and plugin serves a number of useful functions, including:

  • Fixing security holes
  • Adding newer and more secure features
  • Removing outdated and unprotected features
  • Increasing software efficiency and performance
  • Enhancing compatibility with other systems, software, or devices 

Security updates may feel like a hassle, but they greatly help keep your computer more secure. Not keeping your operating system and software up to date is the same as leaving your keys indoor. Stop ignoring your update notices.

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