Day 28: Properly dispose of all sensitive hardcopy files.

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Sensitive hardcopy files, if not properly disposed, can represent a significant security issue.

A hardcopy file can be copied without any indication that the data has been breached, and hard copies are often much easier to steal than digital copies.

To prevent these files from being abused by malicious insiders or otherwise exploited, these documents should all be shredded or incinerated properly when they are no longer of use. Criminals often go through unguarded garbage cans and recycling bins in an attempt to find documents that contain personally identifiable information (PII). They can use PII to steal people’s identities, such as of your fellow employees or the clients and customers the organization serves.

By shredding all hard copy files with PII before you put them in the trash or send them for recycling, you will prevent criminals from accessing confidential data.

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