Day 29: Keep (your) kids away from danger online.

Welcome to Cybersecurity in 31 Days. I’m Malan Faya, your host. Today is Day 29. To view previous posts, click here.

Kids may be exposed to danger online. Teach (your) kids what they can and can’t share over the Internet.

Kids don’t always know what is and isn’t appropriate to tell people over the Internet. Explain to your kids why they should never reveal personal information about themselves, such as where they live or their date of birth.

Instruct kids to tell you about anyone making inappropriate contact with them, such as through online chatting or email. Also, supervise them whenever they surf the web in order to keep them from being exposed to harmful online contents.

Regularly check on what they are doing online. To keep tabs on the content your kids are accessing, you may check browsers search history.

Having an open and honest discussion with (your) kids is the best way to help them understand the importance of privacy and safety and prepare them to be responsible.

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